DarkRP Change Log 7.2

Smokes Servers

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Sep 8, 2021
- This is a very complex system that will require a video tutorial to showcase all of its features.
- Spawn a Bitcoin rack via the F4 menu on any job, and plug it into a base that has a plug!
- Once you get it turned on your bitcoin mining journey has begun! From here you need to farm & sell bitcoin to level up your bitcoin rack which will allow you to purchase upgrades for your miners and more rows with more upgrades!
- All the data saves so no matter what happens your covered, from the level your racks at to the amount of bitcoin you had before you got off.
- The bitcoin value is randomly generated and saved forever so after restarting the value will carry over.
- Make sure you defend your rack from raiders, if they manage to hack your system they could do some serious damage to it.

- For more information look out for an upcoming video tutorial showcasing our bitcoin system and all of its features!
- We have added over 50 new jobs to the server!
- At level one you have access to over 20+ jobs and the rest at unlocked by leveling up on the server.
- Some of the jobs include Pizza Shop Owner, Oil Tycoon, Smoothie Shop Owner, The Cartel, and much more!
- Replaced out old Keypads with a new feature-rich alternative.
- A option to mirror keypads, making placing them perfectly 100% faster.
- The ability to personalize your keypad's background color & image.
- Easily whitelist your friends & faction.

- Allows you to set a price to use your keypad.
- We have made our own custom EMP's to go along with the new Keypads.
- Currently, we have 8 different EMPS:
- T1->T4 EMP
- T1 -> T4 Stick EMP

- We have control over full customization and plan to implement a few more different emps in the future.
- These are able be placed onto keypads and will open them while you can use your weapon to defend yourself.
- Able to be obtained from crafting, airdrops, and the Exotic Gun Dealer.
- God Tier weapons are extremely rare but powerful weapons that players can use for pvp.
- Currently, the only place to obtain one is from a air drop.
- The Drugs that the "Drug Dealer" have been updated with new drugs.
- All missing models for various shipments for the drug dealer have been fixed.
- We have created "Smart Zones" that automatically apply cooldowns before going back to an area.
- Fixed money being removed when dropped in a zone.
- Fixed essential entities being removed when placed in a zone.
- Fixed a broken zone (Fountain)
- Lowered the cooldown for territory zones to 8 mins.
- Fixed a bug that allowed you to deal 1 armor dmg to someone when you should deal no damage at all.

- Added a limit to how many failed attempts before it will just respawn you.
- Fully re-wrote the old tip jar and added new features.
- The Tip Jar has a UI that will display the following: Top Donator, Most Recent Donator, and Total Donated
- The menu UI will let you tip and see all the recent donators.
- Optimised & bug-free this tip jar is ready to start accepting donations!

- Gave access to the Tip Jar to more jobs than just the hobo.
- Fully re-wrote the old dog ass zone system we were using with a highly efficient and working system.
- No longer can you bug out weapons to be able to be used in spawn.
- Should fix the recent problem with some people not receiving their packages correctly.
- When you receive your package it will not send you a list of everything in your chat box.
- Added all existing boosters to be an option to the drop.
- Added all EMPS to the air drop.
- Updated the loot list to include all the new weapons on the server.
- Each drop will now spawn 2-3 packages
- The rate the drops happen has been increased.
- The time it takes for a drop to open has been lowered.
- Increased the price that a purge cost to start.
- Increased the time a purge last from 3 mins -> 5 mins
- Fixed an error you would get when loading in from this script.
- Added new "God Tier" and "Black Market Item" rarities.
- Tiered all new & existing weapons.
- Wiped old weed & meth entities to avoid breaking your entire inventory.
- The Kidnap baton has been added back to the server & can now be bought from the "Exotic Gun Dealer"
- Removed the ear rape entirely
- You can now only have 1 coin flip active at a time.
- The max bet has been raised from $500k -> $1 million.
- Removed most of the loud idle sounds from our weapon pack.
- You now earn XP for all the new jobs, "Pizza", "Smoothie", "Oil", and "Cocaine"
- The amount of XP you earn from doing jobs has been increased.
- The amount of XP you get for playtime has been decreased.
- It now costs in-game $ to put a skill point into a skill.
- The amount of levels required to max out the tree has been increased.
- You no longer lose the trash you had on you when you die.