DarkRP Rules

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Sep 8, 2021

1. Read job descriptions
- Job descriptions provide individual rules and can/cannot do's for each job.
2. Do not RDM
"Random Deathmatch"
- Randomly damaging or killing people without a valid reason
Do not RDA

"Random Arrest"
- Randomly arresting players without a valid reason.
Randomly stunning a player with the stun gun is also considered RDA
4. Do not LTARP or LTAP
- Leaving to avoid an RP situation such as a raid/mug/kidnap.

- Leaving to avoid punishment.
- Leaving before a staff sit is over, is an admission of guilt, and punishment will be given.
5. Do not FDA or WDA
- Do not open fading doors with key binds or buttons to damage players or cancel a lockpick/keypad crack during a raid.
Do not spam the world doors during a raid to prevent raiders from entering a base.
6. Do not FailRP
- Failing to act in the realistic realm of your job.
- Ex: President mugging people
7. Do not Prop Abuse
- Abusing your props by spamming, blocking, killing, surfing, or pushing
Do not NLR
"New Life Rule"

- If you have died due to a valid RP reason you may not return to that area for 3 mins.
- You may not return to your base after dying in a raid until the raid is finished.
9. Do not Minge
- Trolling or being ignorant of the rules, and/or annoying to a point where it affects RP.
10. Do not Exploit
- Finding an exploit or bug is one thing, abusing it for your own gain will not be tolerated
11. Do not Hack
- Hacking of any kind will result in a ban.
Do not Threaten Players or the Server
- Any threats to Dox, DOS, DDOS, or any other form of threat will result in a ban.
- Telling players to kill themselves or any form of harsh harassment
13. Do not Impersonate Staff
- Impersonating staff will result in a ban.
14. Do not Disrespect or Disobey staff
- Regardless of the situation if you disagree or not staff word is final, if you feel something was wrong to record the sit and report it on the discord
15. Do not make False Sits
- Example: "Give me money!", "Fuck me daddy", ETC
- Do not make a sit on a player for something he didn't do
16. Do not Advertise
- .TTV or .YT names are OK
- Advertising of any other form will not be tolerated
17. Do not Scam
- Example: Taking money for a shipment and not giving the player his shipment.
18. Abusing Crossfire

- Crossfire is ONLY to be used when you are in the middle of adverted roleplay such as a raid, mug, etc.
- Crossfire MUST be called or it will be considered RDM
19. Do not Loophole
- Attempting to bend rules in your favor or to avoid punishment will only increase your punishment.
20. Do not target players via soundboard
- The use of sound clips of a member from the community is forbidden.
1. You may only build on the property and sidewalks of buildings that you own the doors to.
2. The use of no collide is not allowed.
3. Blackout bases are not allowed, the floor, roof, walls, and entrance doors must all be different colors.
4. There is no time limit for building signs and you may have a kos sign with your building sign.
5. If you have a building sign up you may NOT have any entities inside your base.
6. Sky bases, Mega Bases, Tunnel Bases, Maze Bases and Ocean Bases are not allowed.
7. You may not have anything that forces a player to jump, crouch, climb a ladder, or affect their movement speed while entering a base.
8. Your entrance may not be "Pixel Perfect". (You don't have to look in a certain spot to fit through)
9. Your base entrance(s) may not have more than 3 fading doors total.
10. Your base entrance may not have more than 3 turns.
11. Shooting windows must be chest up while holding a weapon out. (No feet, crouch, or jumping shooting angles).
12. You may only open shooting windows by using a button.
13. Your base may use up to 6 shooting windows, you may not use them for entrances.
14. Shooting windows must change material when it opens. (Prop material and fading door material must be different).
15. No flashing colors/render fx for the props in the entrance of your base.
16. You may not use reverse fading doors in your base entrance.
17. You may not block or use the maps elevators for your base.
18. Straight-aways can only be as long as two fenceo3a props.
19. Your peaks must be at the same level as your entrance.
20. You may only make peaks using buttons, all other versions of peaks such as ramp peaks, jump peaks, and more are not allowed.
21. Fading door entrances must be the same size as worlds and not just a thin/small prop.
22. You may not have a ramp as your base entrance.
23. World Glow is allowed.
24. You may not have the button to open your peaks further than a fenceo3a props distance from the peak.

25. You may not use misleading Keypads or hide them, you must be able to enter in the numbers to the keypad when standing in front of the fading door it opens for it to be legal.
26. You may not have fake or misleading entrances.
27. Your base must have at least one entrance.

28. You may not place your sign in a way that it blocks bullets.
29. You may not use props, entities, or text signs that block sniper view or bullets.
1. You may only enter and exit your base using the keypads, anything else is not allowed.
2. Inflicting damage by shooting through props or using a one way is not allowed.
3. Printer rooms and Prisoner Rooms must have a keypad to get into them.
4. It must be possible for the attackers to see the shooting window open and fight back.
5. You may only use one button per peak with a total up to 6 total peaks/buttons.
6. You may only have 5 players basing with you at any given time.
7. You may not use garage doors for base defense.
8. You may only have 1 base active at a time.
9. You may not have exit peaks.
10. You may not move away from a peak or crouch once opened until it closes itself.
1. If you are adverting a RP event, it must be clearly stated in your advert.
2. You cannot have multiple events in one bind. (Ex: Raid/Mug/Assist)
3. You can have multi binds such as Raid/Raid Assist but not Raid/Raid Assist/Mug etc.
4. In order to raid the police department/bank, you must use "PD Raid", "PD Assist", "Bank Raid", or "Bank Raid Assist".
5. When warning a player it must be for a valid reason.
6. You must warn a player 3 times with 1 sec before dealing damage.
7. If the player backs away during a warn you must stop warning until they move back towards you.
8. You must wait 1 second between each warn advert.
9. The person you are warning must know you are doing so.
10. After each RP event, you must advert over.
11. Adverts may not be black or white.
12. No faking adverts in OOC to get people to break the rules.
1. You may not begin raiding until you have adverted "Raid" or "Raid Assist".
Do not raid a base with a building sign.
3. Raiding can last up to 15 mins, you may not camp inside just to reach the max raiding time.
4. Raiding can last up to 30 mins for a mega base.
5. You must wait for 30 mins. before raiding the SAME person.
6. Bank raids and PD raids must be properly labeled as "Bank Raid" and "PD Raid".
7. Using a players keypad code to raid is not allowed.
8. You may not advert "Party Raid" you must either be the one to advert "Raid" or "Raid Assist" unless you're in the same gang.

9. You must actively participate in the raid
You may not shoot through walls during the raid.
11. You may not raid a base that clearly has no entities just to kill.
12. You may only blindfire with an explosive weapon at the players props. (Not through world walls or floors)
1. In order to mug, you must advert "Mug" followed by the amount you want to be dropped. (Max is $10,000)
2. The victim must know 100% that he/she is being mugged, make sure the player is looking at you.
3. The victim has 10 seconds to respond.
4. Mugs can have special commands like "KOS if running away" or "KOS if you ask for help" but must be included in the advert.
5. You must wait 10 minutes before you can mug the SAME person again.
6. You must wait 5 minutes before you can mug ANYONE again.
7. You may not kill the player being mugged if they give you the correct amount of money.
8. You cannot mug anyone if they have weapons out. (FailRP)
9. You may not mug hobos/pets/government.
1. Kidnappings must be adverted.
2. There is no cooldown between each kidnapping.
3. You cannot kidnap the same person again for 30 minutes.
4. If you attempted a kidnapping on a player and you over/false the cooldown for that player is 30 mins.
5. You may not hold the kidnapped person for over 15 minutes.
6. You may not kidnap someone that has a weapon out, otherwise, this is classed as FailRP.
7. You may only charge a max of $25,000 for release of a prisoner this includes the cost of all keypads required to buy to leave the base.
1. You must advert steal.
2. You may/can steal any entity.
3. There is no cooldown for stealing.
4. If the victim fights back you can kill him and whatever he drops is also yours.
5. You may KOS anyone, who is stealing your stuff.
1. You may only interfere with an RP event that is taking place against a member of your faction.
2. This would include Kidnapping, Raiding, and Muggings.
3. There is no cooldown to counter.
4. You don't have to advert to counter. (Read Faction Rules)
1. Use common sense when making a KOS line.
2. KOS lines may not exceed the sidewalk.
3. KOS lines must be COMPLETELY visible.

4. KOS lines may only be for the following reason "KOS If Cross Line"
1. You may counter things that happen to your faction members without advertising.
2. You may not counter things that you didn't see happen, Discord or other comms don't count.
Your faction name may not be anything racist or offensive.
You may advertise that your faction is recruiting etc.
5. Faction wars are currently not a thing.
6. You may enforce your Faction Members KOS line.

7. If one faction member adverts it applies to all fellow gang members in the area.
You may not raid a base immediately before or after your faction nuke goes off.
9. You may not raid a base or nuke your faction member is defending.
10. Faction baiting isn't allowed.
1. You don't need to advert anything to start a territory takeover.
2. You're always KOS when inside a territory.
3. Once you enter a territory you are still KOS if you leave the zone.
4. Only jobs that may raid can capture territories.
5. Government Jobs, Sonic, and Michael Myers are not allowed to capture territories.
1. These rules only apply if you are a government job.
2. You may only base in the Police Department.
3. You may not have any illegal entities.
4. You may only weapon check people if they are in the Police Department.
5. You must follow the laws of the president. The only exception to this if the law is against the rules.
6. The front doors of the PD/Bank may not be locked unless there is a lockdown.
7. You may break NLR during PD Raids and Bank Raids.
8. It is AOS past the second door of the PD/Bank, but you may add KOS as well in the laws or a text screen with a line.
9. You may be corrupt but can be demoted because of it.

10. You may not issue false warrants or make players wanted falsely
11. You may not sit in spawn as Mayor to avoid being assassinated/demoted.
1. You may not have any laws that contradict or conflict with the default laws.
2. Laws may not target a specific job or player in a negative manner ex.(meth cook, kidnapper, Bloop AOS/KOS etc.)
3. Any law that restricts a players movement in anyway is not allowed. ex.(crouching, running, jumping AOS/KOS)
4. Laws that fall under staff duties are not allowed. ex.(Propblock, Racism, harassment AOS/KOS etc)
5. You may not have laws that restrict a players general gameplay ex.(Jaywalking, Hate speech etc)

6. Staff reserve the right to deny any law(s) that prove problematic or that may not be explicitly said in the rules.
HItman Rules
- You’re not allowed to ask someone if they can put a hit on a specific player.
- You’re not allowed to work/base with anyone.
- You're not allowed to raid, unless you are a hitman class that can.
- You're not allowed to kill your hit if the person is building.
- You're not allowed to assist a hitman or revenge their death.
Iron Man Rules
- Iron Man may not raid unless the player they are raiding has a warrant on them.
Iron Man may not participate in Care Packages.
Iron Man may not participate in Nukes AT ALL
Iron Man may use his swep for combat but is not allowed to shoot it into bases.
Iron Man may not participate in the Purge.
Bully/Troll/Clown Rules
- You may not bait PVP, if you punch someone you cannot pull out a weapon to defend yourself, you may only use your fist.
- Faction defense/counter doesn't apply to people using these jobs.
- You may not attack players that are attacking a nuke.
Sewer Monster Rules
- You may not attack players that are attacking a nuke.
- You may KOS anyone besides other sewer monsters while in the sewers.
- You are KOS to anyone besides sewer monsters while in the sewers.

- Hobos cannot build walls/structures that block people from going places or charge them to go through.
- As a cat/dog you aren't allowed to use any weapons aside from your cat/dog swep.
Michael Myers
- You may not attack players that are attacking a nuke.
- You may not use a weapon outside of the job specific knife.
- You may not participate or interfere with nukes or airdrops.
- You're KOS by all jobs.
Nuke Defending Rules
- Government jobs may not arrest or kill attackers trying to defuse the nuke.
- Once a nuke is activated only the players inside the base when the nuke was activated can defend it, no one else may join the defenders mid-nuke.
- You may not defend your nuke from outside of your base.
- If you are a defender and die during a nuke, you may not come back to the base until the nuke is over.
- You may not start a nuke during a purge.
- You may not self defuse if it is not for official reasons (i.e. the base has been deemed fail by a staff member or if the nuke is glitched).
- You may only have up to 5 people (You + 4 more) defending a nuke.
Nuke Attacking Rules

- You may only attempt to defuse the nuke if you are a "Raiding" or "Government Job".
- If you die while attacking the nuke, you make continue to come back with no NLR until the nuke is over.
- Government Jobs may not arrest players attempting to defuse the nuke.
- If you kill/damage a player that is not apart of the base with the nuke it may be
considered RDM.
- You may only blindfire with an explosive weapon at the players props. (Not through world walls or floors)

Additional Nuke Rules
- You may not start a Purge when a nuke is active.
- No job that is allowed to rdm as part of their job role is allowed to interfere with or attack/damage those attacking the nuke.
1. No Racism.
2. Do not spam chat or voice chat.
3. Do not abuse your mic in a minge way.

4. Do not ask staff for ranks or money.
Do not complain in OOC or Advert, you will be muted.
Do not tell people to kill themselves or any harsh harassment
Only communicate in English.
1. When someone/you are in a sit, RP doesn't apply.
2. If you have a hit on a player you may not kill the player if they are in a sit.
3. LTAP or running away from the sit will only increase your punishment.

4. Do not complain over a staff decision, if you feel it was wrong report it to the discord
1. Stream sniping is against the rules if it can be accurately determined if the person is stream sniping.
2. Any type of targeted harassment against streamers to either ruin their stream or attempt to get them banned will result in a ban.
3. Metagaming because of a stream is against the rules and will result in a ban
1. You may only shoot from the inside of the territory.
2. Standing on the fence of the fountain can still count and will not be counted as RDM
3. Entering a territory with a care package starts combat, leaving the area doesn't end it.
4. There is no NLR for Care Packages
5. Must be a raiding class to participate
6. Government jobs may AOS anyone with weapons out while outside of the PVP zone
7. Government jobs may AOS anyone actively fighting in the PVP zone.
1. Server is NOT liable for any side betting and are NOT entitled to a refund on any side bets.
1. You may not use Active Camo with a weapon out.
2. You may not pickpocket players in spawn.
3. You may not pickpocket miners or hobos.
4. Don't spam stun stick a player or abuse the stun stick to move them out of an area they're permitted to be at (ex. Spawn).
5. Don't use the telekinesis swep to move people out of a safe zone (ex. Spawn).
1. Your Playermodel must be citizen height in order to RP or PVP in any instance aside from self defense.
2. You're not allowed to have a "GIANT" playermodel (No playermodel should be able to cover a room and impair sight/gameplay.)
3. Using a player model that is transparent / hard to see (blends in) with bases is not allowed.
4. No Racist / Offensive/ Nude/ Inappropriate playermodels.
5. It is completely up to staff that are senior mod or higher to determine if a player model is the correct height for pvp or roleplay.
6. You aren't allowed to bait players using a model of a job on the server. (Ex. Sonic, Police, etc.)

7. If your Playermodel or JOB doesn't follow these rules you may not participate in the purge.
1. Prop blocking entrances with entities, or prisoners is not allowed.
2. You may only place gun shelves inside or outside of your base.(Shelves found anywhere else will be removed)
3. You are not allowed to minge or bother people who are building with a building sign in anyway.
1. Only gang classes (Bloodz, Crips, Mafia ETC) are allowed to steal pallets.
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